Quality Parts Inc.
4052 Trestik Drive
Milladore, WI 54454

Center Post Casting.

Quality Parts Inc. is introducing the new center post casting which incorporates a ¾" AR400 removable bottom plate. This allows the casting to be used in a 24" or 30" trough. AR400 is a medium carbon, high-strength quenched and tempered chrome-moly, boron treated plate. It offers an exceptional amount of sliding and impact abrasion resistance at a moderate cost. It is used as a basic component or as a liner in all types of mining and material handling equipment. The plate and casting are machined to allow use of an O-ring to ensure a tight seal of the gearbox. Another feature is a slightly recessed area in the plate to retain the brass washer under the cluster gear guaranteeing proper alignment when stub shaft is installed.

Center Post Casting from QPI

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