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Quality Parts Inc. (Formally, Bluetubeparts.com) Our website has changed but our commitment to you hasn't! Quality parts, Quality service, Quality is in our name.

The new Posi-Drive replaces the ratchet system by incorporating a high reduction gear box connected directly to the drive shaft that powers the center post gear box. The high reduction gear box is driven by a variable speed DC motor.

Cutter Chain, The new STAR 50
Quality Parts, Inc., has teamed up with U. S. Tsubaki (the largest chain manufacturer in the world) to produce a high-quality, long-lasting cutter chain. The new chain incorporates a unique cast block link which is machined, heat-treated, and assembled at U S. Tsubaki in Sandusky, Ohio. This is an American-made chain.

The large diameter bushing provides greater sprocket bushing contact area for extended chain life
One-piece block link construction won't pull apart
Smooth pin bore for longer pin life
Stainless steel pins
Thickest bushing wall currently available on market
Flat steel paddles allow much larger area for feed to drop into
Unique paddle design is half the weight of conventional paddles at half the cost
Lighter paddles promote longer chain life.

QPI is introducing the new center post casting which incorporates a 3/4” AR400 removable bottom plate. This allows the casting to be used in a 24” or 30“ trough AR400 is a medium carbon, high-strength quenched and tempered chrom-moly, boron treated plate.

3/8" thick AR plate in bottom of housing with powder-coated finish resists corrosion. New easy-access pans for quick removal and reassembly Inspection cover plate allows removal of conveyor chain half-link without pulling unloader.

QPI introduces the new “Samurai Hook”
Like the famous sword these hooks are designed to cut. The long sweeping curve of the cutting edge on this hook reduces the power needed to pull it thru the feed. Think of the curved blade on a scythe used to cut grass. Because these hooks slice thru the feed they reduce the load on the chains and motor providing longer service life for both.

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